Apostille and cancellation of legalization requirements

Apostille and cancellation of legalization requirements

Apostille and cancellation of legalization requirements

On March 8, 2023, China acceded to the “Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents.” On November 7, 2023, the “Convention” came into force between China and Russia.

As of January 11, 2024, this Convention entered into full force and applies also throughout Canada.

This information is important for the companies that need to get notifications to import Chinese and Canadian electronic equipment into the territory of the EAEU. To issue notifications legalized power of attorney from the manufacturer is needed, which is now could be issued in a simplified manner.

This means that from November 7, 2023, official documents issued in China with an apostille are accepted in Russia without the need for a consular legalization (a notarized translation into Russian is needed). So official documents sent from China to Russia will no longer be certified by China and the Embassy and Consulates of Russia in China, it will be necessary to attach an apostille. The same is true for Canada from January 11, 2024.

Apostille in China is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, as well as local offices for foreign affairs of China.

The apostille will pass an online verification which can be checked on the website. For the specific procedures and requirements to apply for the obtained apostille please visit the China Consular Services website or the websites of the Chancelleries of foreign affairs the respective local People Governments.

The notification of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow, as well as the list of local offices for foreign affairs of China authorized to affix an apostille, are available here (RU) (Chinese)

The following authorities have the right to issue an apostille in Canada: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia, the Ministry of Justice of Alberta, the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General of Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Public and Business Services of Ontario and the Ministry of Justice of Quebec.

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