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Products to be imported to the Belarus market should comply with requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation (EAEU). Belarus national regulation covers Radio/Telecom requirements.

Belarus Radio / Telecom approval

To import telecommunication facilities to the Belarus market requirements of Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY should be enforced. The conformity of telecommunication facilities may be assured in the form of mandatory declaration or certification. The full Lists of telecommunication facilities subjected to declaration or certification are specified in the Annexes of TR 2018/024/BY. The main types of products are given below.

Types of telecommunication products that are subjected to declaration

Including radio modules that are part of other product. Terminal subscriber equipment:

  • All types of phones to be connected to wired telecommunication lines

  • Fax machines and fax modems

  • Application servers; video and audio conference control and management equipment

  • Mobile telecommunication standards (GSM, 2G, 3G, LTE…)

  • DECT radio equipment

  • Subscriber radio stations

  • Wireless broadband access equipment (WI-FI, Bluetooth: access point, modem, mobile phone, laptop, notebook, keyboard, mouse, etc.) – all products that contain WI-FI, Bluetooth, etc

  • Short distance radio communication devices (SRD, NFC, RFID, etc), that operate in a radio frequency band between 25 MHz and 30 GHz and are intended for transmitting telecommunication messages (except automobile short distance radar detectors, unmanned aerial vehicles)

Types of telecommunication products that are subjected to certification

Except subscriber terminal equipment:

  • Telecommunication facilities that perform functions of data transmission systems, of digital backhaul systems, of service switching and control systems (switching and routing equipment; data transmission network security equipment; network service delivery equipment; software switches; media gateways; signaling gateways; media gateway controllers; SIP proxy servers, redirect servers and registration servers; equipment for the IP multimedia core network subsystem (IMS), etc.)

  • Telecommunication facilities that perform functions of forming, coding, decoding, multiplexing, converting, transmitting and receiving digital broadcast television and radio signals (coders; decoders u(radio equipment for radio relay communication; stationary transmitters and digital broadcast radio and television relay stations; base stations and relay stations for mobile radio communication systems)sed at communication stations)

  • Radio electronic facilities (radio equipment for radio relay communication; stationary transmitters and digital broadcast radio and television relay stations; base stations and relay stations for mobile radio communication systems)

In-country testing is required both for Declaration and Certification

The main differences between Declaration and Certification.

  • The manufacturer should be Applicant for Certification.
  • Local Representative must be Applicant for Declaration.
  • Both Declaration and Certification are valid for five years.
  • A factory audit and two surveillances are required to maintain certificates.

Belarus Radio/Telecom approval involves mandatory certification mark TR BY that should be put on a product and accompanying documents.

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