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Local Representative Service

IMA Simple acts as a Local Representative for foreign manufacturers and performs conformity assessment of the products on behalf of these companies


Many countries in the world require foreign manufacturers to have Local Representatives to support them during the process of conformity assessment and market access of their products.


If the foreign manufacturer doesn't have a Local Representative (EAEU, Russia, Belarus), it does not have the right to apply for a required conformity assessment of its products.

Local Representative Service

We at IMA Simple provide Local Representative Service wherever it is required, we can simply handle your request through one of our Local Representatives that will ensure fast and easy access of your product to the target market and reduce your costs

Your Benefits

Accelerated access to a variety of markets around the world with almost no efforts

Coordination with the local authorities and certification bodies

High-quality and professional service to each client. We provide you with a real-time communication

Save time and money due to no need for additional research

Good knowledge of the legal conditions and perennial experience

Qualified team of professional market access experts

Three steps on your way to the target market

We are always happy to make market access simple for our customers..


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