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We bring support in the testing

Testing process ensures that products comply with applicable requirements


Testing helps to manufacturers stay their products safer, avoid unexpected hazardous situations.


Almost all electronic devices have active electronic circuits and should be assessed how they work near to other products and in the presence of electromagnetic emissions.


Usually, manufacturers of components and materials ensure carrying out testing. By the way, manufacturers of end-products can assess their products.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is a priority for many consumers. Improved Energy Efficiency performance of the products allows to compete in the global market.

RF / Telecom

More and more products appear with RF functions. Such products should meet local requirements.

We will support you in choosing standards, requirements, and also select the most competent laboratory. It helps you reduce your money and time. We will orient you in the requirements and standards. We will help you stay ahead of the changing technologies, standards and world.

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Accelerated access to a variety of markets around the world

Save time and money due to no need for additional research

High-quality and professional service to each client. We provide you with real-time communication.

Good knowledge of the legal conditions and perennial experience

Well-established cooperation with the test laboratories

Qualified team of experts and consultants

Three steps on your way to the target market

We are always happy to make market access simple for our customers .


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