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EAEU market

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is integration between five countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. For EAEU market access you need to get EAEU and national approval of member countries. The EAC certificates of the EAEU apply in all member states.

Belarus market

Products to be imported to the Belarus market should comply with the requirements of EAEU. Belarus national regulation covers Energy Efficiency and Radio/Telecom requirements. National Belarus Energy Efficiency requirements will stop while EAEU requirements come into force. Estimated date - September 2022.

Russia market

Products to be imported to the Russian market should comply with the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation (EAEU). Russian national regulation includes requirements that are not covered by EAEU Technical Regulations (GOST-R, FAC, FSS).

Ukraine market

Ukraine is not a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The technical regulations in Ukraine are basically similar to the European directives in the EU taking into account Ukrainian legislation. For customs clearance and commissioning of goods within Ukraine, you must provide either a UkrSEPRO declaration or a UkrSEPRO certificate.

Other markets

There are different regulations and standards for products in each country in the world. The process could be time-consuming and expensive for businesses. At IMA Simple, we offer a comprehensive solution for you. Our team provides full-cycle support handling your requests, providing multi-country market service and helping your products access international markets simply.

IT & audio/video equipment

Set of regional/national requirements, like safety, EMC, EMF, related to a variety of IT & audio/video equipment

Household appliances

A wide range of household appliances that are used in everyday life, shall comply with multiple regulations and standards

Wireless & Telecom

Particular requirements to the Wireless & Telecom in different countries that include distinguishing standards, frequency bands, etc.


A large number of lighting equipment are manufactured and used daily in various designs and applications that affect the operation of other electrical appliances and human health


Cable/Plug is an integral and essential part of the end-product powered by the mains, which damages lead to a fire and human injury


Batteries, batteries systems and cells are part of many end-products and should meet safety requirements


Complex technological machines and mechanisms, as well as smaller technological equipment, need to be carefully tested, risk assessed, meet the regulatory requirements


Electrical and electronic products should comply with mandatory requirements for hazardous substances

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is one of the most important goals of electrical appliance manufacturers. Meanwhile, product requirements and, accordingly, electrical devices are constantly modified and improved

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Our Services

IMA Simple global services open new opportunities for business. We provide a full-cycle international approvals service for electrotechnical products


We will support you in choosing standards, requirements, and also select the most competent laboratory. It helps you reduce your money and time

Local representative

IMA Simple acts as a local representative for foreign manufacturers within the EAEU and Belarus and performs conformity assessment of the products on behalf of these companies

Certification marks

IMA Simple will help you in obtaining the certification marks from world-known certification institutes due to our extended network of international partners


IMA Simple offers professional consulting services related to certification and declaration of various kinds of products. We are always happy to assist you in any specific case

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