Changes to EAEU unified register of CoCs and DoCs

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Changes to EAEU unified register of CoCs and DoCs

Decisions of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) dated April 04, 2023 No. 46 "On the unified register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity" come into force May 06, 2023.

Also EAC CoC and EAC DoC forms have been changed from  May 06, 2023.

More detailed information you can find here.

The major changes that were made in EAEU unified register of CoCs and DoCs (Decisions of EEC Board dated April 04, 2023 No. 46) are the following:

In case it is established by the legislation of the EAEU member country where EAC CoC/DoC was issued or registered, the following information may be entered into the national part of the EAEU unified register of CoC/DoC which are not submitted to the EEC:

  1. GLN (Global Location Number)
  2. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  3. Registration number of the customs declaration or other document drawn up during customs clearance in respect of samples imported into EAEU territory for the purposes of conformity assessment (testing), or other information related to the selection or import of samples;
  4. Information about periodic surveillance indicating the frequency and timing of its conducting;
  5. Information about the registered Application form indicating information about the applicant, the date of registration of the application, the name of the product, the group (type) of products, the manufacturer of the product.


Original version of Decisions of EEC Board dated December 20, 2022 No. 198

Original version of Decisions of EEC Board dated April 04, 2023 No. 46

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