EAEU postponed Energy Efficiency TR 048/2019 for 3 years

Energy Efficiency TR 048/2019

EAEU postponed Energy Efficiency TR 048/2019 for 3 years.

On 15th of April, 2022 Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Board approved the Decision No. 50 to postpone the EAEU technical regulation "On the requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-consuming devices" (EAEU TR 048/2019) to September 1, 2025.

The same EAEU Decision postpones the Decisions of the EEC Board, which establishes the energy efficiency labels for various types of energy-consuming devices and the rules for their design to March 1, 2025. The Energy efficiency requirements of certain types of products, established in Annexes No. 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13 and 14 to EAEU TR 048/2019, have also been postponed for three years accordingly.

National legislative requirements regarding Energy Efficiency in the EAEU member state (Belarus) are still suspended.

A source:  Decision of Eurasian Economic Union Board No. 50 dated April 15, 2022


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