TR 2018/024/BY: Revision of Lists of standards

TR BY 024

List of standards to national Technical Regulations of Belarus (TR 2018/024/BY "Telecommunication Facilities. Safety") in the field of conformity approval of telecommunication facilities updated from February 23, 2024.

 Changes to listed standards are not critical. The reason for revision is establishing existing actual technical requirements and related standards for telecommunications facilities.

  • Several standards were removed from the List.
  • Several standards’ editions were updated.
  • Several Clauses, Sub-clauses of the standards were changed.
  • Requirements for NB-IoT and 5G were added.
    * It will be applicable after receiving the appropriate accreditation of testing laboratories and after the allocation of radio frequency bands for the deployment of the 5G mobile telecommunication system.
  • Clauses of safety requirements were removed from commonly used standards (for Broadband Wireless Access Equipment and for Mobile telecommunication systems).
  • Safety requirements are still mandatory for telecommunication facilities intended for use at rated voltages less than 50 VAC and less than 75 VDC.
    * Safety requirements do not apply to telecommunication facilities that are part of other equipment (or other products) and telecommunication facilities that are subject to CU TR 004/2011.

Original version of revised List of standards to TR 2018/024/BY: List of standards TR 2018/024/BY

Changes to the List of standards were made in connection with amendments to the TR 2018/024/BY. That is valid from February 17, 2024. For details of the latest amendment to TR 2018/024/BY follow here:TR 2018/024/BY: Lists of products, scope of exception, technical requirements (from February 17, 2024)


Note: TR 2018/024/BY "Telecommunication Facilities. Safety" apply to telecommunications facilities put into circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with Annexes 1 and 2, regardless of their design, including telecommunications facilities that are part of other technical facilities.

In order to import electrical products to Belarus and other EAEU countries conformity approval documents (declaration and/or certificate of conformity) according to Technical Regulations of Eurasian Economic Union should be obtained.


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